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“For the greater good”

Remedy Abbreviation: Prom-m


Jason-Aeric Huenecke CCH, RSHom (NA)


Double Blind Format, 12 Provers, 30c, Proving over 30 days.


Lori Foley, CCH, RSHom (NA)


Please contact us to source this remedy.


Promethium muriaticum Theme Document (PDF) (29 pages)

Promethium_Muriaticum_Combined_Journal (80+ pages) (PDF)


See full Natural History Here - PDF

Atomic Weight: 145

Density: 7.26 g•cm−3

Melting point: 1042 C, 1908 F

Boiling Point: 3000 C, 5432 F


Promethium, originally prometheum, is a chemical element with the symbol Pm and atomic number 61. All of its isotopes are radioactive; it is one of only two such elements that are followed in the periodic table by elements with stable forms, a distinction shared with technetium. Chemically, promethium is a lanthanide, which forms salts when combined with other elements. Promethium shows only one stable oxidation state of +3.


Prometium Muriaticum Remedy Overview, Dave Johnson

Myth of Prometheus

Themes - Mentals


Selfless, To be the hero



Selfless, “Superman will defend, he is strong and selfless”



A hero that can be anyone, “They asked me what is it like to be an Avatar”



Distraction, “I get thrown off my path, I am susceptible to their image”



For others, “Encouraging others to shine their inner light”


Fore-thought and Clarity



Fore-thought, “You know before you act”



Anticipation, Worries



Fog, Confusion, “Like driving in a fog”



Doubt, “Trepidation, a hint of fear”



Clarity, “Everything seems light and clear”


Contained, Chaos inside, and Disintegration



Contained of its own choice



Chaos inside, “I felt out of control of myself”



Disintegration, Dissolving, “Everything falling apart, disintegrating”



Desire for Order, “Energy around clearing out the spaces”



Easily Overwhelmed, “There is too much to do,” “Easily annoyed”


A Battle against Evil



A Battle, “The forces of light and dark were battling in the sky”




Against Evil, Injustice, This Dark Force




Needing to be strong, “Rise up against the enemy and be strong”




Pressure to get it right, “the Little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dyke”




High stakes, “The loss of the battle, is loss of yourself, of who you are”



Heavy and Deep Underground




Deep underground, “I am under the ground, not easy to find”




Hiding, Fear to be exposed, “It doesn’t want to be seen, protecting”




Heavy, :Like something heavy on my chest”




Grief, Deep sorrow, “The same kind of ache as when I lost my father”



Detached and Distant




Detached, “Observing from a far”




Tranquility, Calm, “Everything is fine”




As if in a game




Humor, “like everything about life is a practical joke”




Absentminded, Forgetful, “I’ve been making strange mistakes”




Avoiding conflict, Complaisant, Procrastination, “Why even bother to fight”




Industrious, “All of a sudden I felt an inner motivation”







The light, “A white light, a pure essence of being”




Self-realization, “They can make a choice to move toward the light or remain in the dark”




Between the real and the unreal, Parallel worlds




For a Higher Purpose, Balance, Unification




Creativity, Creating






Desire for Independence




Desire for independence, Autonomy, I’m being held back 




Having a choice, “If you can remember you always have a choice, life would be completely different”



Muriaticum: Mothering and Betrayal


About the Promethium muriaticum Proving

Our chalk board at the end of the proving debriefing meeting

Chalkboard for Promethium
dry, hollow sensation; people left behind, calm, end of the world; falling out, glad no one was stung; guilt, it didn’t feel like anything, completion, astonishment, relief, know what will happen, photon, dappled lights, photosensitivity, traveling back to mars, back in time; frustration, underground, deep, in sky, lost, absentminded, unclear, cloudy, can’t see, heat, you-ness, selflessness, spark leaves body, decomposing, dark cloud, consuming, all consuming, light; unable to manage the energy, nuclear bomb; wandering, stopped by police, two, dark, it’s a joke; heavy, yes/no; atoms, spherical awareness, shimmer; vibrations, regal, heaven, eye things; clearing, giving way

Songs referenced during the proving.

This proving started out... inauspiciously.  Unlike other provings, we allowed the provers to determine their own start dates.  We gave them a lot more freedom to behave independently.  Provers and supervisors worked well together for most part, keeping any disagreements to themselves. Provers were resistant to recording things in their journals and the supervisors often had to record things for them. Provers often experienced a RESISTANCE to going into the proving energy. The debriefing meeting was almost entirely a discussion of mental symptoms even though physical symptoms were recorded. As a master prover for both Lanthanide provings, I often forgot that we were doing a proving at all. I forgot to send reminder emails for provers to send journals in and when I would remember, I would just think, “oh well... I suppose it doesn’t really matter in long run.”  Both of the Master Provers experienced significant healing during the two provings. 

Many people were driven to do things they had thought of doing but had never had energy to act before (curative) and to speak up in a way they had not before..

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