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Greetings!  We are glad you are here visiting our proving website.  The information contained in these pages represents our labor of love for homeopathy and our dedication to healing the planet.  The work on these pages represents years, months, days and many hours of work by our proving team as well as willing volunteers who have offered their time and health with curiosity and courage.  Our dedicated volunteers allow us to discover the healing powers of unproven substances that we are then able to present to you on these pages so you are able to use them in your healing practice. We’d love to hear from you if you have had cases that have made significant healing progress from our substances.

As you and your patients benefit from healing provings, there are two ways that you can participate in helping us bring additional unproven substances to light.  First, donate. Yes, we am asking you for monetary contributions.  Yes, we are asking you for money. Funding for our projects allows us to prepare substances for provings, doing investigation of the substances, spending time collating, curating and publishing our work.  It also allows us to do fun things like speak and train other groups on how to produce Hahnemannian provings such as ours.  Your funding makes all of this possible and for that we are entirely grateful.

The second way you can participate is by volunteering.  Our work is built on the numerous volunteers who are willing to participate as provers and supervisors .  If you would like to find out more information and be added to our newsletter enter your email in the box below.

Jason Aeric Huenecke, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Desirée Brazelton, CCH

Jennifer Rose Holterhaus

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